Social Program

Industry 4.0/5.0: Future Minds and Future Society in New Era

A social event will be organized for the people who request it. Please find the program details below.

On September 11, 2019
Departure: 8:30am. Sakarya University Campus
Lake Golcuk: Breakfast and short walk
Lake Abant: Hiking and sightseeing by the lake, picnic
Departure: 17:00pm, Lake Abant
Arrival to SAU campus at 19:00pm.

Social program fee: 160₺ for participants from Turkey, 30€ for foreign participants

Food and travel charges are included in social program fee.

Please fill the form given in below before 25 August 2019, if you want to participate in the social program

Registration fees for social program will be collected at the registration desk on the first day of the symposium (9 September 2019).

Lake Golcuk
Golcuk lake near Bolu Golcuk, an artificial lake at 14 kilometers (9 miles) south of the city, surrounded by green forests on the slopes of Aladaglar mountain range, is another great site for picnicking or trekking. This lovely lake is situated at an elevation of 950 meters above sea level and is under protection as a natural conservation area.

Abant Lake
Lake Abant is an amazing natural beauty in the province of Bolu and is one of Turkey’s most popular destinations for local and foreign tourists all year around. It is 34 kilometers (21 miles) southwest of the city, situated at an altitude of 1325 meters. It’s a tectonic lake fed by underground waters and is about 45 meters deep. The lake is a magnificent one with water lilies spread over, and the deep green forest surrounding it. It’s under protection as a natural conservation area. There are good quality accommodation establishments around the lake which deserve spending some time. It freezes almost entirely during the coldest winter months where people can walk on it around the shores.

More information about Lake Abant: